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A Bit About Me

Vikas Trivedi was born in a middle class of Dungarpur in Rajasthan, India. He has a younger sister. An extrovert and an average student in school, Vikas loved sports. He has played cricket and badminton at district and state levels. Being an extrovert it was very easy for him to make friends.

Vikas calls his father his idol as he has grown up watching hoe hard his father worked to give them a good life. He is an animal lover and  calls himself an emotional person, a trait he has got from his mother.Vikas loves to read and is a major fan of the teachings of The Bhagvad Gita. He finds solutions to all his problems in The Gita and keeps re-reading it for inspiration and answers.

Vikas loves to travel to different countries know the culture and values of those places. The great work by Wordsworth and Coleridge – Lyrical Ballads is an international journal of English language, literature and humanities volume iii issue March 28 2015, by Vikas.

By profession, Vikas is a teacher. By qualification, Vikas holds a Master in English Literature, Psychology and Political Science each. Having been weak in studies as a child, Vikas makes it a point that he can spread as much knowledge in as simple ways as possible. Emotional and kind, Vikas loves to help people.

Vikas has used his knowledge of Psychology to deal with each and every kind of minor and major problems which seem to be difficult for people. With his book, he hopes to make life and dealing with problems easier for everyone who reads it.

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